When seen as a whole, Next Steps at HOPE create the discipleship pathway that offer opportunities for you to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ, someone who follows him to become more like from the inside out.

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We believe that the time Jesus spent with others in a small group context was both intentional and significant. Likewise, Groups at HOPE are a great way for meeting others, fostering meaningful relationships, and growing in our faith as a community.


Who we become is heavily shaped by what we know and believe, which is why Jesus spent much of his time teaching others. Classes at HOPE provide learning experiences on a variety of topics related to faith and life in formats that are engaging, accessible, and practical.


Jesus tells his friends that he came to serve others, and that we are called to adopt the same posture. There are numerous Serve opportunities at HOPE where you contribute to making a difference in people’s lives and help fulfill God’s mission for HOPE.


The work Jesus started of sharing God’s Good News has been passed down to all of us. Outreach at HOPE provides opportunities for you to work collaboratively with various organizations and individuals as we care for communities near and far with the love, truth, and power of the Gospel.


Each area of Next Steps is meant to reflect a key component of the life Jesus models for us as seen in Scripture. He invites us to a life where we learn, connect, serve, and reach. Regardless of where you are in your faith journey, we believe there’s a Next Step ready for you!

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