Real connection and growth happens in the context of relationship.

God created us to live in relationship with others, and groups are a place where friends become family — where you can ask questions, show your real self, come alongside someone else, and be encouraged as you grow in your faith. If you aren't part of a smaller circle of people following Christ together, discover what you're missing. Connect to a group today!
We were made for relationships

We know that community doesn’t just happen - it’s formed. Groups are small gatherings of people who meet on a regular basis. We’d like to invite you into a community at Hope where you can connect with others and grow in your faith.


Lead A Group

Do you enjoy hospitality, cultivating community, and creating space for others to grow in their faith? Leading a group may be a great next step for you!

What Others are Saying about Groups

"Our group meeting last night was so helpful. I came into work today knowing that God sent me here, and he is giving me everything I need to get through the day and to love and reach my students. My co-workers were texting this morning about how deflated and overwhelmed they felt. I obviously came in with a different perspective after our small group discussion last night."

– Member of a group for educators

“The thing that’s really cool about small groups is that you really do LEARN to love the people in your group. At first it’s awkward – you hardly know them. But with time you develop a love for them which I think comes from the Holy Spirit.”

– Member of a couples' group

"My group is my safe space to learn about Christ and the bible with no judgment. Everyone's perspective is important – even mine, when I feel newer in the journey than others. My people have given me unconditional love from the start for no reason other than I showed up to the group. I'm learning about the Bible and life with these beautiful women."

– Member of a women's group


Discussion Questions

These are discussion guides created each week and based on Sunday's sermon. Use them with your group, family, or friends.


RightNow Media

Set up a free account to access thousands of video studies.


YouVersion Bible App

The YouVersion Bible App is an easy way to connect with a few friends and go through scripture together. The app offers a wide variety of studies to choose from.



Resources for Hope Group Leaders