At Hope, we want to do life together. Groups is the best way we have for fostering meaningful ongoing relationships and community, and growing in our faith. Take a step to meet some new friends and experience God on a deeper level.

We were made for relationships

We know that community doesn’t just happen - it’s formed. Groups are small gatherings of people who meet on a regular basis. We’d like to invite you into a community at Hope where you can connect with others and grow in your faith.

"Our group meeting last night was so helpful. I came into work today knowing that God sent me here, and he is giving me everything I need to get through the day and to love and reach my students. My co-workers were texting this morning about how deflated and overwhelmed they felt. I obviously came in with a different perspective after our small group discussion last night."

– Member of a group for educators

“The thing that’s really cool about small groups is that you really do LEARN to love the people in your group. At first it’s awkward – you hardly know them. But with time you develop a love for them which I think comes from the Holy Spirit.”

– Member of a couples' group

"My group is my safe space to learn about Christ and the bible with no judgment. Everyone's perspective is important – even mine, when I feel newer in the journey than others. My people have given me unconditional love from the start for no reason other than I showed up to the group. I'm learning about the Bible and life with these beautiful women."

– Member of a women's group

Find A Group

Short-term groups are a great way to meet other people and get more connected into life at Hope.

Lead A Group

Leading a group not only serves others - it’s an important step in your own spiritual growth. By leading a group, you are offering an opportunity for people to come together, be real, and grow deeper in their faith.

Group Resources

Discussion Questions

These are discussion guides created each week and based on Sunday's sermon. Use them with your group, family, or friends.


RightNow Media

Set up a free account to access thousands of video studies.


YouVersion Bible App

The YouVersion Bible App is an easy way to connect with a few friends and go through scripture together. The app offers a wide variety of studies to choose from.



Resources for Hope Group Leaders