HOPE Outreach


A prayer for those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria:

Heavenly Father, oh, how our heart hurts for the people of Turkey and Syria, who have suffered great loss and great pain.

Father of mercy, would you be near those who are brokenhearted.

Jesus Christ, would you strengthen your church with peace and comfort to offer those who are in despair.

Lord, through your Holy Spirit, would you guide us and connect us with your global church to offer mercy and help in this time of need in order that those suffering may be comforted, those in despair may be reminded of your great love for them, and that Jesus might be glorified.



On February 6, two earthquakes caused catastrophic damage in Turkey and Syria. Over 40,000 people have died, and infrastructure is destroyed. The areas in Syria affected by the earthquake had already suffered from years of war.


HOPE gave $20,000 towards recovery and relief efforts in Turkey and Syria. $10,000 has been given to World Relief and $10,000 has been given to World Horizons. Learn about or give to the organizations below.

Continue to join us in prayer for those who have lost loved ones, for those who are now without shelter + suffering from trauma, and for those who are helping relief efforts.



HOPE has given a total of $80,000 towards efforts in Ukraine. $20,000 has been given to each of the following organizations: United World Mission, Samaritan's Purse, and NOVO. In December 2022, we gave another round of $20,000 to NOVO to support their teams as they care for those displaced in Ukraine. Learn about or give to the organizations below. Continue to join us in prayer for the vulnerable and for leaders to seek peace.


HOPE Church has previously responded to the following crises: Afghan refugees, Fox Elementary School fire, catastrophic flooding in Pakistan, Hurricane Fiona's destruction across Puerto Rico, and Hurricane Ian's destruction across parts of Florida. If you'd like to engage with these and learn more about ways to respond, feel free to reach out to us.